The Anchor Holds

There’s a song that Cindy & I heard recently that resonated within our hearts to such a degree that we had to keep listening to it over and over. In difficult circumstances, it always renews our faith and hope. I’ve sang it at least 100 times now, and used it to lead others in worship at a large YWAM gathering last month. Even though it was completely unknown to the group, they responded as we had, caught up in the presence of God.

So I’ve been wanting to do a cover of this song for awhile now – partly just because I love to sing it, and partly because I just think more people should hear it. And in today’s world of unlimited music, you can easily miss a gem of a song unless someone personally shares it with you.

The song is called, “Anchor”, written by Tyler Slemp, for a worship album from Antioch Norman Church. Tyler is the 4th generation of a certain extended family that we hold dear to our hearts. He’s not famous. But this song deserves to be. It reminds us in challenging times that, “Though the ship is tattered, though the sails are torn, I believe in the anchor You are, my Lord. Though the waves are crashing violent in the storm, I believe . . . that the anchor holds.” Thank you, Jesus, that the anchor holds!

So, I hope you are blessed by this cover AND that you download the song, “Anchor”, from Antioch Norman and Tyler Slemp.

Be blessed,


About portersinthailand

Living in Bangkok, Thailand since 1991. Serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Thailand. Our passion is to facilitate others to reach their destiny in Christ. We are a 3rd-culture family, with 3 sons and a love for Thailand and its people.

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