New Year, New Adventures – Feb. 2018

Dear friends,

A quick update as we move into the new year . . .

APLC = “Applied Practical Leadership Course” – We are expecting at least 15 participants (from Thailand and “another Asian nation”)  to join us for the new leadership development course we’ve been creating. We are looking forward to helping these emerging leaders gain practical skills for growing in their leadership abilities and character – especially as we emphasize senior leaders taking the time to just “be with” them as they process how to apply what they’re learning. We begin staff training on Feb. 19, with the course starting March 5. 

B2B =  “Be the Leader God Wants You to Be” – We recently helped staff a 6-day course for emerging leaders from many Asian nations. It was exciting to see young people gaining new revelation in how to lead like Jesus.  

Proud parents moment! – We were very blessed to participate in a house blessing ceremony for Derek and his friends, Steve & Chanelle, who are starting a new ministry in a part of Bangkok where there is not a single church. It was inspiring to see their Buddhist Thai neighbors welcome them into the neighborhood, while understanding that these young people who follow Jesus want to share their lives with the community. Derek team ceremony

Another proud parent moment! – Isaac and Leigha’s wedding was beautiful and full of joy! So grateful for all the friends and family who came to help and celebrate with us! (stunning photos by Corey Penry at 

Shelia – Cindy’s sister, Shelia, is finally due to be released to a halfway house later in Feb., and then to our friend’s house within months for her transition back into society. We are so grateful this long, painful journey is nearing its end and hope is in sight. pray for shelia screenshot

NEW online donation system – As very few people write paper checks these days, we finally have an online method for donating financial support. Simply click the link at: which will enable supporters to set up one-time or recurring donations via various methods. We are so grateful for all who continue to invest in our ministry!

Prayer Points –

  • Pray for the preparation for the APLC course. This is a new endeavor with its share of pioneering challenges. In addition, several staff colleagues have been fighting flu viruses lately.
  • Pray for the YWAM Together 2018 event – especially for the myriad of planning details to come together and for the hundreds from developing nations who face financial challenges to attend.
  • Pray for Shelia’s transition from prison to normal society after 8 years. Pray that her renewed faith in God will continue to grow, and that she will experience Him as her loving Father like never before.

Thank you to all who hosted and prayed for us during our USA trip. Thank you for your continued prayers and support! You are loved and appreciated!

Phil & Cindy


Celebration and Sadness – A Very Full Year!

Dear praying friends,

It’s been a very full year indeed! And there’s more to come. Here’s a short recap of recent and upcoming events . . .

IMG_0416Less than a month after returning from Spain, we lost one of our Thai missionary staff to cancer. “Mot” had served in YWAM England for many years before returning to spend time with her non-Christian family. Within a year, she was gone. Her family members were deeply touched by all her Christian brothers and sisters at the memorial service.

YT2017 collageOur YWAM Thailand national staff gathering was a wonderful time of celebrating our “Unity in Diversity”. Staff from each region of Thailand took turns leading the day in their own style. And Alejandro Rodriguez, national leader of YWAM Argentina, inspired and challenged us with his special messages. Something about his Latin American style really resonated with our Thai staff. We also enjoyed fun together as a big YWAM Thailand family, including a 5km walk/run in the rain, and leading worship together with Derek.

IMG_3303Thailand has been chosen as the host for the global “YWAM Together” gathering in September 2018, with an expected 3,000-4,000 YWAM missionaries from around the world, but especially Asia. As part of the preparation, we hosted a 2-week Event Management Seminar to train staff in how to coordinate such a massive event. Thirty-six participants from 11 nations joined us for this valuable training.

25yr collageThe Event Management Seminar participants totally surprised Cindy & I with a special celebration event, honoring us for 25 years of service in Thailand. We were deeply touched by the words of encouragement!

NRTC collageThe grand finale of the Event Management Seminar was a celebration of the payoff of our Nancy Ross Training Center facility – which had just been paid off  2 weeks before. Beginning with a Nehemiah-style worship parade, it was a rich time of testimonies of God’s faithfulness, how young people are discipled at the NRTC, and honoring those who’ve sacrificially poured their hearts into making this dream a reality. Seventeen years ago, Cindy was the one person who believed God would some day give us this entire building, which we eventually purchased in 3 phases. We are now praying for God’s leading as we seek to fulfill all of God’s dreams for this ministry center.

Myanmar collagePhil was recently in Yangon, Myanmar, joining 17 YWAM leaders from Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. The purpose of ACT’s (Area Circle Teams) is to foster ministry partnerships between nations and facilitate YWAM pioneering new ministries in unreached areas. The highlight of this time was joining YWAM Yangon in distributing fresh soy milk and a Bible cartoon to hundreds of slum children – which they do on a daily basis.

20953031_1440349082687431_6999167358961214522_nOur youngest son, Isaac, will be marrying his fiance, Leigha, this December 17 in Phoenix. We are thrilled, and proud of the way they have handled a 5-year relationship with integrity.

fullsizeoutput_d29Because of the wedding, we are spending Nov. and Dec. in the States to catch up with family and a few churches/supporters whom we haven’t seen in years. Cindy will also be visiting her sister, Shelia, who is now scheduled for release from prison, but must complete another 5 months of rehab/prep before actual release.

royal cremation collageThis is a very sad week for the people of Thailand. After a full year of mourning, the dreaded royal cremation of HM King Rama 9 is in some ways even more significant than the King’s passing last year, as it represents the finality of it all. It is impossible to describe or understand the depth of grief and loss unless you are Thai. At least 250,000 people are expected to travel to Bangkok to witness the event. YWAM’s Rak Teh ministry is hosting 4 days of 24-hour worship and prayer for Thailand at their center within walking distance of the ceremony. I will be leading the prayer/worship time at 7pm on Thursday, 26th, exactly the time of the cremation.


  • Pray for Father God to reveal Himself to Thais at this crucial time in history.
  • Pray for Cindy’s visit with her sister, and for God’s grace on Shelia to persevere until release, to transition well and to grow in her renewed faith.
  • Pray for financial provision for all the upcoming travel and wedding plans.
  • Pray for God’s leading as we re-envision God’s purposes for the NRTC and discipling young Thais.

Thank you for being on this journey with us! We are here (25 years and counting)  because you are there supporting us!

Phil & Cindy

P.S. We’ve recently begun uploading songs from our album, “In His Presence” to YouTube. Although it’s a few years old, some of the songs are still relevant. Here’s the link:

40 Days of Restoration!

Dear friends,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and support as we attended the Leadership Development Course (LDC) in Spain. After 25 years of missional service, we went there needing refreshed, renewed, and restored. And this course more than met all of our expectations! The LDC is 40 days long. There is something significant about 40 days with God. Jesus was called to fast in the wilderness for 40 days before he began His public ministry. Besides facing temptation during those 40 days, He was also challenged, ministered to and received new affirmation of His purpose and identity.

The LDC focuses on 7 leadership values – Self Leadership; Servant Leadership; Shared Leadership; Spiritual Leadership; Strategic Leadership; Structural Leadership and Sensorial Leadership.

Here are just a few of the takeaways from our time . . .

(Our fellow participants and house-mates from Romania, Cameroon, England and Canada.)

Week 1 – Learning new spiritual disciplines. There are many simple ways of connecting with and hearing from God if we just pause and listen. Routines can be helpful, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut, leaving us in a dry spiritual state. It was so refreshing to explore new ways to spend time with God.

For example, using the acronym “TIPSY”, take a few minutes to review the following:

Thank God for all the blessings that come to mind.

Intercede for the needs of others.

Priority –  “God, What is Your priority for me today?”

Silence – Pause, listen for the gentle voice of the Spirit.

Your word  – Ask, “Father, what is Your word for me today?” Take note.

Week 2 – Leadership Timeline –  

Sovereign foundations => Discipleship training => Ministry development => Wilderness => Convergence

As we looked back over our lives, we could see a desire to follow God and serve him from a young age. This exercise helped us to recognize the blessing of our parents’ values and teaching, the fear of the Lord they instilled in us, and their willingness to live a life of sacrifice. It underscored how all the opportunities for service in the church, ministry through song, our adventurous spirits to move to a foreign land to do church planting, etc., reflect how God was working in us early on to develop our leadership potential, leading us to “go into all the world and preach the gospel”; to “love your neighbor as yourself”, etc. This same journey has taken us from Piedmont, MO to Bangkok, Thailand over the course of our 32-year marriage.

We also learned about team leadership, and the “wisdom of geese”, who continually rotate the lead in their V-point formation as they migrate. Shared leadership is more effective and makes the load lighter. Jesus passed on the Great Commission to the apostles without appointing a replacement leader.

Week 3 seemed to be all about us! During a marriage workshop, we looked at our marriage as a garden, asking what things we want to cultivate, and what weeds to pull out. We wrote a personal marriage prayer together. During a “blessing workshop”, God again highlighted our marriage, reaffirming our identity as “two individuals, but one couple”, and our commitment to one another. Then there was an amazing worship time where we focused on the Father’s love, and the banquet table He has prepared for us. (Song of Solomon  2:4) Only there was an actual banquet table, beautifully prepared with rich food, inviting us to sit and bask in the Father’s love, that the King of Kings calls us His child! Experiencing this physical reality brings the truth from our head to our heart.

Week 4 – Self-leadership – “Do I live to eat or eat to live?” We were reminded that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that proper nutrition, exercise, time management, stress management are all God’s ways of helping us to lead others well. Proclaiming God’s word over our bodies, our lives and our ministries activates faith. One definition of a leader is “A person who influences people to accomplish a purpose.” But if we don’t lead ourselves well, how can we expect others to follow?

Week 5 – Lynn & Marti Green, senior experienced leaders in YWAM shared about past mistakes, lessons learned and the value of being a leader of integrity. I received a freedom and new understanding of how to move YWAM Thailand toward a shared leadership model. I realized I had become “rootbound” to Thailand, and that it’s time to take advantage of more opportunities to minister in and develop leaders in neighboring countries.

We were also reminded that Jesus emphasized family relationships as the primary illustration for the Body of Christ and how we relate to one another.

Week 6 – We reviewed how spiritual leadership includes creating space for the Spirit to move and keeping your spiritual antennae up at all times. The power of mentoring was reinforced, and we recalled how various people have mentored us over our lifetime, helping to shape us into who we are today.

We also clarified our “personal passion statements”, what we truly live for, which are as follows:

Cindy: To love, encourage and support others to become healthy followers of Christ and fulfill their purpose and destiny in Him.

Phil: To facilitate others to reach their destiny in Christ by creating a culture of leadership development throughout YWAM.

 And finally, we “crossed the line”, declaring before others those things we will now leave behind, and what we will move forward into. As we move into the next season of ministry, we left behind things that have been hindering our personal growth and ministry, and crossed over into a new season filled with hope, purpose and a future that is even more fruitful. We even renewed our marriage vows before the whole class!

In reality, there was a hundred times more! But hopefully, these few highlights give you an idea of the value of what we experienced thanks to your investment in us. We took the week after graduation to celebrate our 32nd anniversary by seeing more of Spain, and thanking God for our marriage and this lavish blessing.

And now we thank YOU, from the bottom of our hearts!

Phil and Cindy

P.S. If you would like a more in-depth overview of what the Leadership Development Course covers, feel free to email us!



Transition for Growth

Dear friends,

We are less than 1 week away from leaving for Spain to attend the Leadership Development Course (LDC) in Malaga. Although 6 weeks in Spain sounds exotic and extravagant, we are going there to learn and grow and pray and make some important decisions. There will be LOTS of homework and soul-searching in the midst of the beauty and delicious food! Why? Because this is a year of “transition”.

After 25 years of ministry in Thailand, our roles are changing once again. And as YWAM Thailand now exceeds 500 staff, there is a need for us to function more as elders or spiritual parents to many of the emerging leaders around the country. Being present and coming alongside those who are just starting out in leadership can be a powerful ministry. But it requires delegating certain things so that we can be available to travel and visit these younger leaders – even as we continue to oversee YWAM Thailand. In addition, we have increasing opportunities to provide leadership development beyond Thailand as well – in Burma, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

As we do this, we are praying for clarity. That the Father will show us what to put our hands to, what opportunities to take, and what to let go.

Will you join us in this prayer and continue to journey with us?

If you would like to invest in this season of transition, please see the info below.

As always, THANK YOU for your continued prayer and partnership! We serve an amazing God!

Phil & Cindy


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Opportunity and special request

Dear friends,

After 25 years of serving in Thailand, it is time for us to “re-tool” a bit. We have been waiting for years to attend YWAM’s 6-week  Leadership Development Course (LDC), as so many others have reported how effective it was – especially for leaders who have been serving for years and are now in a new season, needing to review, be refreshed and equip themselves for the next season. In addition, our ministry is expanding more and more into the development of leaders in Thailand and Asia, so we feel the need to be further equipped for this task.

This year, we have a window of opportunity to attend the LDC that happens this April 24 – June 4 in Malaga, Spain. Yes, you may be wondering, “Why Spain?” But of the few LDC’s in the world, this one fits our timing and has an outstanding reputation. We hear the olives are quite tasty as well!

For more info, click here –

The cost of the 6-week Leadership Development Course is $2,500. plus airfare.

Will you prayerfully consider a special donation as we plan for this unique opportunity? Our passion has always been “to facilitate others to reach their destiny in Christ.” We truly believe that this will enhance our ability to minister and lead others. So your investment will bear fruit among many.

Thank you once again for your prayers and partnership,

Phil & Cindy


Joy & Sadness

Dear friends,

It has been a very sad week for the nation of Thailand, as we lost the longest-reigning, and possibly the most beloved monarch, in the world. Although, I am not at liberty to post details, one only has to Google “Thailand” to get the full story. It is a crucial time for the nation, over the coming days and months, and we would appreciate your prayers for Thailand. mourning-collage

Interestingly, this event happened as believers nationwide were already in the midst of 40 days of prayer for Thailand, which began on October 1. We join with Christians throughout Thailand in continuing to intercede through these 40 days. As a way to support this annual initiative, we mobilized YWAM volunteers to translate the 40-Day Prayer Manual into English so that non-Thai-speaking Christians could also join in praying along the same daily themes.

central-collageWe were blessed to join the final two regional YWAM staff gatherings recently – Northeast (known as “Isaan”) and Central Thailand – where we spoke for one session, led worship, prayed over unreached areas, met new people, and encouraged others. What a joy to see what God is doing around the country! isaan-collage

In September, Cindy had a whirlwind trip to the States taking her parents to see family in California, meeting up with long-time friends, helping with a ministry fundraiser and a chance to see Isaac.cindy-usa-collage

In the meantime, I participated in a workshop in Singapore where we wrestled with the question, “What needs to be done for all of … (a province, district, etc.)… to have access to the gospel and be blessed with transformational disciple-making ministries and movements?” Now that’s a big question! It was also an opportunity to experience the “city in a garden” – Singapore itself. If our Bible story begins in a garden and ends in a city, there are some things we can learn from the Singaporeans! singapore-collage

While in Chiang Mai this month, I was able to meet with the Thai leaders of Compassion, Kairos Course, and Perspectives on World Missions. Both the “Perspectives” course and “Kairos” are now being taught in Thai language, and we had a great discussion about how to partner together more. These courses provide excellent teaching and theory, while YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) provides a vehicle for putting that theory into practice. I believe this will lead to more Thai missionaries being called and sent to other nations.

We praise God for his provision in making up some of the loss of financial support we’ve experienced. We are still praying for an additional $500./month support, but it has been very encouraging to receive some committed responses from some of you.

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership! It is a privilege to serve together with you in seeing God’s Kingdom come in Thailand.

Much love,

Phil & Cindy






The Anchor Holds

There’s a song that Cindy & I heard recently that resonated within our hearts to such a degree that we had to keep listening to it over and over. In difficult circumstances, it always renews our faith and hope. I’ve sang it at least 100 times now, and used it to lead others in worship at a large YWAM gathering last month. Even though it was completely unknown to the group, they responded as we had, caught up in the presence of God.

So I’ve been wanting to do a cover of this song for awhile now – partly just because I love to sing it, and partly because I just think more people should hear it. And in today’s world of unlimited music, you can easily miss a gem of a song unless someone personally shares it with you.

The song is called, “Anchor”, written by Tyler Slemp, for a worship album from Antioch Norman Church. Tyler is the 4th generation of a certain extended family that we hold dear to our hearts. He’s not famous. But this song deserves to be. It reminds us in challenging times that, “Though the ship is tattered, though the sails are torn, I believe in the anchor You are, my Lord. Though the waves are crashing violent in the storm, I believe . . . that the anchor holds.” Thank you, Jesus, that the anchor holds!

So, I hope you are blessed by this cover AND that you download the song, “Anchor”, from Antioch Norman and Tyler Slemp.

Be blessed,


Highlights and Challenges

 Dear friends,

We are in an amazing and pivotal season of our ministry here in Thailand. Our impact in the nation has grown tremendously at the national and international level. We are seeing doors open and new partnerships that seemed impossible before. At the same time, the spiritual battle seems more intense as well. Sudden illnesses of key leaders and ever-changing restrictions by a military government have added to the challenges. But God continues to prove His faithfulness.


Please take a moment to view a visual Google Presentation (including the speaker’s notes under each photo) at:

  • –  Invited key national Thai pastors to a networking meeting asking, “How can YWAM Thailand partner more with the National Plan to see its 2020 goal reached?” Response was overwhelmingly positive, with new relationships and partnerships formed.
  • –  Tripled the number of missionary visas available for our staff through these partnerships and registering 2 new foundations as legal entities.
  • –  First annual ALLC (Asia Leaders Learning Community) leadership summit had 60 participants – half of them from China. (
  • –  Formed a nation-wide Thai “Emerging Leaders Circle” that is meeting twice yearly. Our goal is to impart to them leadership abilities that will enable them to lead at the national level.
  • –  Launched the Thai language “SourceView” Bible, which is now becoming a nation-wide Bible distribution project. (
  • –  Formed a strategic partnership with YWAM Salem, OR. They will begin partnering directly with 3 ministry locations in Thailand.
  • –  Raised 60% of funds needed to purchase the NRTC Training Facility. ( Still looking for additional partners!
  • –  Led worship for 3,000 pastors from 105 nations at the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers. (


Cindy will be making a trip to the States in September to assist her parents and ailing family members.

I will be attending the “4K Solutions” workshop in Singapore to provide further leadership to our region.

We are both in the midst of attending and speaking at each of 4 regional staff gatherings for YWAM Thailand. What a thrill to see what God is doing through the various ministry teams around the country! Young Thais coming to Christ; Bibles being distributed; the poor being blessed; healings, discipleship training and so much more! Would you believe this young Thai hill-tribe couple (above) are preparing to be missionaries in Bhutan?!


In the midst of this, we also face a critical challenge to our financial support level due to circumstances beyond our control. And it comes as our need to travel more for leadership responsibilities and family obligations has increased dramatically. If you’d like more details, feel free to drop us an email.

We are confident in God’s calling to ministry here in Thailand, and we know He will provide. But in our case, His primary means is through friends like you who also believe in our calling and are willing to invest in it – knowing that the resulting spiritual fruit is YOUR fruit as well. 

Would you take a moment to pray for us?

And don’t forget to view the visual Google Presentation (including the speaker’s notes under each photo) at:!

Peace and blessings to you! And thank you for your prayers!

Phil & Cindy


Dear friends,

Sometimes, it’s hard to describe to others what we do. We don’t pastor a church. We’re not preaching to hundreds or thousands every week. But every element of our ministry is strategically pursued to impact this nation and make a difference. A fellow missionary once described it beautifully to me. In a soccer game, it’s the “assist” that leads to a goal. In American football, often the “touchdown pass” leads to a touchdown. The striker or the receiver may receive the glory for making that score, but without that supporting kick or throw, the winning point would not have happened. The Apostle Paul said one man plants, another waters, but only God makes things grow.

So it is with our roles here in Thailand. We will never be Thai, so we will always have limitations. But it seems God has given us the ability to strategically, sometimes prophetically, see the bigger picture and who or what is needed. We then support others by connecting people, dreams or resources in the right place so that Kingdom fruit will multiply. Here are a few ways that that has happened lately . . . MSKA trip to YWAM Salem, Oregon, two years ago led to their leadership team coming this year to survey various ministries in order to partner long-term with some. I used it as an opportunity to visit one of our ministry locations I hadn’t yet been to. I was so impressed with our local Thai leaders there who are bringing many Thai university students to Christ. In addition, they are running a tea shop business to generate ministry funds, and developing some land for a ministry center.DeBoorsWe hosted our friends, Craig and Emily DeBoor, who were visiting Thailand for the first time, praying about how God may want to use them cross-culturally in the future. It was a delight to introduce them to some of our Thai “heroes” who are reaching the “least of these” with the love of Jesus.IMG_9190It was inspiring to spend a couple of days with the Thai Emerging Leaders group we’ve formed. Our goal is to equip them to lead YWAM Thailand at a national level. But we learn so much from them as well. Especially as the majority of them are the first-ever Christians in their Buddhist families.RetreatCindy helped organize our annual YWAM Thailand National Office staff retreat, where we gave our office staff a much-needed break filled with lots of fun, affirmation, prayer and good food. Being spiritual parents in this way always brings us joy.IMG_9315We hosted a mini-seminar for 70+ Thais and missionaries from various churches with Dr. Larry Persons who has just written an excellent book, called “The Way Thais Lead”, on the subject of “face” and how it affects leadership within Thai culture. We all realized how much we still have to learn.IMG_9312special highlight has been seeing Derek thrive in ministry. I recently had the privilege of preaching in the bilingual house church he is helping to lead. It was my first time to preach in Thai with Derek as my translator.NokBillThere have been some battle losses lately as well. This week, we lost a dear friend in the States, Bill Hobbs, to multiple myeloma cancer. He had impacted our lives since before we were married. The next day, very unexpectedly, Pastor Nok, here in Bangkok, died of a heart attack. He was not only a friend, but possibly the most influential pastor in Thailand. He carried such a burden and passion for seeing his nation transformed by the gospel. And he had opened many doors for us to have national influence in the Body of Christ as well. 

Both the losses and the victories remind us that we are in a battle for this nation. But we know Who ultimately wins! Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are so grateful. It is a privilege to serve together with you.

Much love,

Phil & Cindy


Our ministry is supported entirely by donations. 

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Multiplying Leaders in Thailand and Beyond!

Dear friends,

We live in challenging and exciting times! Although we daily hear of war and injustice, there are also beautiful things happening in God’s Kingdom. Never forget that we know how the story ends – “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” (Rev. 7:9) And that is what is happening today!


In November, we hosted a “Leadership Training Week” led by Lynn Green, one of the global elders of YWAM. Although we planned to limit the number of attendees to 80, the response was so great that we had 135! Emerging leaders from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia all eager to grow in their spiritual leadership and maturity. As a different nation led the worship music each morning, we experienced a small taste of what it will be like for every nation to be represented in heaven. 

This week, I have been helping with another leadership training that included many from China as well. I was so impressed with their hunger to learn and grow. Not only did I make some new friends, I began to see practical ways that we can partner with what God is doing there. The Chinese church is 100 million strong and determined to send out thousands of missionaries. And WE (you and us) get the privilege of helping them do that! 


One of the tools we are using to multiply leaders is the Nancy Ross Training Center (NRTC). Fifteen years ago, God led us to have YWAM Thailand purchase a section of a building in order to create a National Office in the Ram 2 University area where we have ministered since 1994. “Jimmy”, the non-Christian Thai owner, sold it to us on a 5-year, lease-to-own, zero interest agreement – just because he loves what we do! At the time, Cindy believed the Lord would eventually give us the entire building, but that seemed like an impossible dream. 

5 years later, the Lord led us (YWAM Thailand) to purchase another section of this building in order to create the Nancy Ross Training Center – which now hosts 100+ outreach teams per year, numerous workshops and seminars, and is a discipleship training ground for dozens of young Thai Christians. 

NRTC Fundraising Proposal USA pg1

This year, Jimmy came to us and said, “I want you (YWAM) to have the rest of this building”. So as our team prayed about this, we felt the Lord confirm with a clear word from Deuteronomy 15:4-6, that we were to complete the dream and commit to buying the remaining 3 sections. Jimmy again offered it to us on a lease-to-own, ZERO interest agreement – with the balance paid over 3 years. And if that wasn’t enough, the price per unit is the same as 15 years ago – even though the market value has increased considerably due to our strategic location! Jimmy just really appreciates what we do and we believe the Lord is working on his heart. We have raised more than 60% of the purchase price so far. Please pray with us for the remainder. 

NRTC Fundraising Proposal USA pg2

Of course, we face our share of battles too. Apostle Paul tells us to take our stand against the devil’s schemes, because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces. One of those schemes is to attack those in spiritual leadership in order to limit or destroy their influence. We’ve noticed that more than half of our national leadership team members have experienced a serious illness or loss of a loved one in the last few years. Bronwyn, the wife of our Central Thailand leader, is now battling a rare auto-immune disease that requires careful treatment and limited activity. Eve, one of our Thai leaders, (pictured above) recently discovered she had breast cancer – a year after moving back to her home village to share Christ with her unbelieving parents. Is this coincidence? I don’t think so. Please pray for God’s protection over us and our leadership team.

family collage

Finally, it was a joy to spend Christmas with our parents for the first time in 13 years. Both Derek and Isaac were able to join us. And through the miracle of digital technology, we were able to “put together” a family photo. 🙂 

As always, thank you for your invaluable support and prayers! We are blessed by your partnership in this journey!

Phil & Cindy


Our ministry is supported entirely by donations. 

If you would like to share in the fruit by investing financially, please send checks made out to “YWAM” to:

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